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About Windshield Repair
When the damage to your windshield is relatively minor, consider windshield repair rather than replacement.  

How is a Windshield Repair Performed
The auto glass technician injects a resin-based bonding agent into the damaged area. This stops the windshield from cracking further and restores optical clarity.

Why Should You Repair
  • Repair is FREE on some policies - deductible is waved.
  • The process takes just 20 minutes and is guaranteed.
  • Low cost to repair windshield keeps your insurance premiums low.
More Repair Facts
  • Repair will stop the spread of a crack/chip/ding.
  • Repair keeps vehicle’s original factory seal.
  • Guarantee lasts for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • Repairs could be state mandated.
When to Repair
  • Chip or crack is less than the length of a dollar bill.
  • Damage not obstructing view.
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